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Front Light Advertising Limited

St James or Woodbrook , North West

Front Light Advertising Ltd. was founded in 2009 by Mr. Carlos Hernandez Ballesteros and Ms. Veronica Henriquez with the vision to develop  a modern and functional advertising medium in Trinidad and Tobago at the same high standards of those existing in Europe and USA, and with the idea to develop innovative projects that incorporate a wide range of products in the island.
The business knowledge (Know How) comes from more than two (2) decades ago with the founding of Front Light Advertisement, C.A. in Caracas, Venezuela, where we have achieved an important leadership in this sector, together with the invaluable experience gained in France, Spain and Orlando, Florida, highly developed countries in terms of outdoor advertising.
Front Light Advertising during its short term career has been experienced a rapid growth in the cities of Port of Spain, San Fernando and Diego Martin, surpassing the hundred bus shelters installed, generating significant benefits for the city, socially and economically, as well as benefits for the commuters who received shelter from the sun and the rain, and a place to seat and rest while waiting.
The Company has decided to expand its strategies in Trinidad and Tobago by developing projects that incorporate our range of transit shelters combine with billboards and benches , creating partnership strategies with different clients and agencies, giving them various opportunities to advertise their products nationwide.


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