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Trinidad & Tobago Securities Exchange Commission

The Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC) was established as a body corporate, by virtue of the Securities Industry Act of 1995 (Securities Act 2012, as amended). It is an autonomous agency whose primary roles are the protection of investors, and fostering the orderly growth and development of the local capital market.

Our Vision is to be an effective regulator fostering confidence in the securities industry. The TTSEC’s mission is towards protecting investors, promoting and enabling the growth of the securities industry by nurturing fair, efficient and transparent securities markets, and mitigating systemic risk.

In order to carry out its functions the TTSEC has the power, under Section 7 of the Securities Act 2012, to:
  • Deal with matters referred to it by any person
  • Formulate principles for the guidance of the securities industry
  • Monitor the solvency of registrants
  • Adopt measures to supervise and minimise conflicts of interest in the case of brokers and dealers
  • Review, approve and regulate take-overs and amalgamations
  • Approve the contents of prospectuses, offering circulars, or any forms of solicitation, advertisement or announcement by which securities are offered to the public
  • Take enforcement action against any person for failing to comply with the Act
  • Undertake such other activities as are necessary or expedient to give full effect to the Act. 


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