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TGI Fridays

Prestige Holdings Limited acquired the TGI Fridays franchise for the Trinidad market in 2001.
TGI Fridays restaurants offer a causal dining experience.
Whatever you do, do with Integrity.
Wherever you go, go as a Leader.
Whomever you serve, serve with Caring.
Whenever you dream, dream with your All.
And never, ever give up.
TGI Fridays Values
Integrity - Employing the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty, respect and open communication.
Innovation -Approaching new challenges with diversity of thought, creativity, resourcefulness and agility, and reacting quickly and effectively to provide innovative solutions.
Guest Focus -Dedicating ourselves to delivering experiences that delight our Guests.
Empowerment - Encouraging Team Members to take initiative and do what is right.
Accountability - Delivering on our performance commitments and taking responsibility for our actions and our own situation.
Responsibility - Ensuring that our actions deliver returns for our stakeholders while ensuring benefit to our Team Members, Guests, owners, business partners and suppliers, as well as the environment and the communities we serve.
Fridays Factor - Daring to be different in a fun and rewarding way.


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