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Zip Logistics

Zip Logistics features premier services for clients.
Zip Logistics was established five (5) Years ago by the passion and commitment of two brothers, who were deeply focused on providing a customer focused Logistics Company, with the goal of finding a better solution for delivering reliable, cost effective global services to the Americas and the Caribbean. Headquartered in Miami, Florida. Zip Logistics has grown its operations tremendously and now also operates a full service office in Guyana.
Zip Logistics’ intimate knowledge of the North and South American and Caribbean regions ensures a seamless and efficient level of service that always meets the expectations of clients. Zip Logistics is a strong advocate of speed and reliability. Furthermore, the company has worked feverishly to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with clients focusing on achieving its over-all objectives. Zip Logistics was built from the ground up with the needs of the client in mind. That has allowed them to take an unconventional approach to the Logistics industry.
Even more, with the rising demand and need for the services offered by Zip Logistics, the company has been greatly committed to utilizing the best and most advanced technologies in order to stay abreast and ahead of the competition. In fact, they have been pushing boundaries by having built systems that continuously evolve to provide an unparalleled level of support for customers.
Some of Zip Logistics’ ground breaking innovations to expect are as follows:
·    Software integration with leading retailers
·    An interactive website for 24hr detailed tracking and information
·    Ability to Access 24/7 Customer Service via our Web Portal
·    Proprietary hardware and software to automatically process packages throughout our network
Zip Logistics has been driven by people and serving those people well. As such, they have put together an amazing team of professionals who put service about all else. The success granted from that approach has allowed them to not only grow but, they have been able to expand their network through strategic partnerships with leading freight carriers, now enabling them to have the ability to move cargo across the globe.


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